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25 May 2010 @ 10:04 am

Ah, at last, life has calmed down slightly, so I can present you all with the list. There were nine finished fics from all three seasons of TOS, and the list is ordered by episode number.

The Operation 80 Round One Masterlist :

1x18 : Arena (the Walk Without Rhythm remix) by betweenthebliss : Kirk/Spock, Uhura, Gaila, McCoy ; PG-13, 18000 words

1x24 : Space Seed (the Sleeping Beauty remix) by lira_alicia : Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Khan, some Kirk/Spock and Uhura/Khan ; G, 6000 words

1x28 : City on the Edge of Forever (the Standing on the Precipice remix) by waketosleep : Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Edith Keeler ; R, 21000 words

2x04 : Mirror, Mirror (the How to be Bad remix) by ninety6tears : Uhura, Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, mirror!Spock, very gen Kirk/Uhura ; R, 15000 words

2x10 : Journey to Babel (the Urge to Fall remix) by kradie : pre-Kirk/Spock, Kirk prime/Spock prime, McCoy, Sarek, Gav, Uhura, Chekov ; PG, 14000 words [mirrored on AO3]

2x13 : The Trouble with Tribbles (the Aftermath remix) by laulan : Scotty, Uhura ; PG, 2000 words

2x17 : A Piece of the Action (the Penny Ante Operations remix) by cicero_drayon : Kirk, Spock, McCoy ; PG-13, 8600 words

2x36 : Catspaw (That Darn Cat remix) by cloudydaise : Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Scotty, Victoria Slater, Sylvia, mentions Sulu/Slater and Kirk/Rand ; PG-13, 2000 words

3x23 : All Our Yesterdays (the All or Nothing remix) by dreamlittleyo : Kirk/Spock ; NC-17, 8000 words [mirrored on AO3]

A huge thanks to everyone who participated, I had a lot of fun with this. It was my first time modding a fic challenge, and so I appreciate your patience with the changing schedules and everything. I'll be putting up a poll for feedback, and I'm especially interested in feedback from people who signed up but weren't able to finish, so if that's you then please keep an eye out for it. The poll will also be my attempt to gauge interest in a second round, since there seemed to be so much interest in the challenge initially, I want to try and give as many of you guys a chance to finish and post as possible. :)

If you have any final questions or comments, leave 'em here.
♥ emily
09 May 2010 @ 02:55 am
Title : Arena (the Walk Without Rhythm remix)
Episode Remixed : 1x18
Author : betweenthebliss
Rating : PG-13
Warnings : some graphic descriptions of death and dead bodies
Characters/Pairings : Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Gaila, McCoy; Kirk/Spock
Word Count : 17,737
Summary : After a Federation colony is attacked, the Enterprise pursues an alien ship into uncharted space. There they meet with a race of beings who kidnap Captain Kirk and force him to fight the alien captain in a battle to the death, while Spock must lead the Enterprise crew in a race against the clock to save him.
Notes : after the jump.

( don't be shocked by the tone of my voice / i've got a new weapon, weapon of choice )

i haven't slept yet so it's still technically the 8th, right? >.>;;;
Title : the trouble with tribbles (the aftermath remix)
Episode Remixed : 2.13 The Trouble with Tribbles
Author : singingintime
Rating : PG
Warnings : Not a one!
Characters/Pairings : Gen; Uhura, Scotty
Word Count : ~1300
Summary : "We've been spaceside almost since Vulcan was destroyed, you realize that?" Scotty and Uhura discuss shore leave and other things after the events of The Trouble with Tribbles.
Notes : Real life circumstances completely ambushed me this last month, and as such, this is not the more epic fic I wanted to finish for this challenge. THAT one is and sitting partially written in my documents, crying out for the next slot in my to-do list so I can finish it. So instead, this is a sort of alternate take on that fic--a slice of a different point of view to the whole thing.
08 May 2010 @ 08:30 pm
Title : Catspaw (the That Darn Cat remix)
Episode Remixed : Catspaw (2x36)
Author : cloudydaise
Rating : PG-13 for some language
Characters/Pairings : Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Scotty, Victoria Slater, Sylvia. Briefly mentions Sulu/Slater and Kirk/Rand in passing.
Word Count : 1997
Summary : A dark castle on an alien world... when two crewmen go missing, Kirk has to go in after them, no matter how hungover he is.
Notes : This is crack. Just so you know.

The first thing that crossed Kirk's mind when the witches appeared was 'oh hell no...'
29 April 2010 @ 10:46 pm
bet you guys saw this one coming, huh. ;)

per requests, the ABSOLUTE VERY FINAL NO MORE EXCEPTIONS posting date is may 8th.

it's the one-year anniversary of the beginning of reboot fandom, after all. it's appropriate. so anyone who's scrambling at the last minute (*cough* myself included) take a deep breath.

quick reminder that anyone still in need of a beta or wanting to offer beta services should check the post here. additionally, i'm going to start adding tags for author name, episode rebooted, pairing, rating and others-- any input about what sorts of tags you'd like to see used here, lay it on me in the comments. :)

love you guys, i'm so excited to be done with my fic so i can sit down and read all of yours! :D
♥ emily
Title: All Our Yesterdays (the All or Nothing Remix)
Episode Remixed: All Our Yesterdays (3x23)
Author: dreamlittleyo
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, consent issues
Wordcount: 7,950 words
Fandom/Spoilers: STXI; spoilers for TOS ep "All Our Yesterdays"
Dislcaimer: I've no claim to Star Trek or its characters. Just playing in the sandbox for no other reason than love.

Summary: Trapped on an alien planet, in an ice age thousands of years before the Federation even exists, Spock finds himself falling apart. Back on the ship, Kirk fears his relationship with his first officer might never be the same.

They beam up from the planet with about thirty seconds to spare…
16 April 2010 @ 09:39 pm
Title: Space Seed (Sleeping Beauty remix)
Episode Remixed: 1x24: Space Seed
Author: lira_alicia
Rating: G.
Warnings: None.
Characters/Pairings: Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Khan. A bit of K/S and Uhura/Khan, but I'm afraid it's quite gen.
Word Count: 6125.
Summary: The Enterprise finds a stranded ship with a sleeping crew. Kirk knows something about their leader, something he's not telling anybody else.
Notes: Thanks to my dearest ran_mouri who translated this from Spanish, suddensmiles who had all the patience in the universe and betaed the resulting mess, and kradie who was a sweetheart and read it through, correcting some mistakes. All remaining mistakes are entirely my fault and I apologize.

In front of James Kirk’s eyes was the sleeping death
Title: A Piece of the Action (The Penny Ante Operations remix)
Episode Remixed: 2x17: A Piece of the Action
Author: cicero_drayon
Rating: PG-13 for some potty-mouthed mobsters.
Warnings: Language, slight violence, alcohol usage.
Characters/Pairings: Gen. The great triumvirate, some gangsters.
Word Count: ~8600
Summary: One hundred years before Enterprise's time, a ship paid a visit to a little planet called Sigma Iota and gave it some culture. The results weren't precisely as expected, and it's up to Kirk, Spock, and McCoy to rectify it. And to try not to get bagged in the process.
Notes: Thanks to kradie who looked it over for me. :D It took a lot longer than it should have, but let's just say I'm glad it's done. It was a ton of fun.

Part I
Part II
13 April 2010 @ 05:13 pm
Title: How To Be Bad
Episode Remixed: 2 x 04
Author: ninety6tears
Rating: R
Warnings: mild violence, dirty mouths,...crackiness?
Characters/Pairings: Uhura, Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, mirror!Spock. Very gen Kirk/Uhura.
Word Count: ~15400 (in 2 parts)
Summary: Only Jim Kirk could turn bucking the everyday evils of a tyrannical empire into a bonding experience.

Title: City on the Edge of Forever (The Standing on the Precipice Remix)
Episode Remixed: 1x28
Author: stripedpetunia/waketosleep
Pairings: Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Edith Keeler
Rating: R
Wordcount: 21000
Warnings: Some gore, but otherwise nothing that wasn’t in the episode. Well, except gayness. Technically.
Notes: Written for operation80, although actually this fic has been nearly a year in the making. You can imagine how happy I am that I’ve finished it. I couldn’t wait to post it! Thanks for betas and cheerleading to rhaegal and betweenthebliss. Any alien technology in this story that may look familiar to you has no resemblance to that of any other TV show you may or may not have watched. Cross my heart. Oh, and in case the choice of past-hopping location confuses you, I picked a city and century I’m familiar with, out of laziness.
Summary: While exploring a new planet, McCoy is overcome by space madness. Kirk and Spock must follow him into the past to correct the timeline he ruined and rescue the entire Enterprise.

Read on Dreamwidth or AO3